Bassel Khartabil
Day 2020

Join Us Sunday March 15, 2020

The 1st Annual Bassel Khartabil Day #basselday is this Sunday. This has been a tough few months! From conflict in Syria, global protests and now the #coronavirus, each day is new.

What should we do? Nothing?

That is not what Bassel would do. He would throw a party. In the middle of the Syrian Revolution, he married his love, Noura Ghazi. He is not here, so we have to throw an online party for him.

Wait! The Corona Virus is Scary. I can't meet people.

Bassel also was pinned down and had to move regularly once his name was on a list for believing in free thought and open ideals. He had to interact with family and friends, all on earlier versions of webcams and facetime. AND, that is what we must do. Stay safe, talk live.

I want to do my own celebration.

That is great! Tag your work #basselday and share to our live video chat what you are doing. Maybe you are fortunate enough to have #covid19 free friends, and want to have a beer for Bassel. GO FOR IT. Let us know on email or social what you are doing and we will share it back.

Go Live with Us on Instagram

For one hour will lead an online gathering. Anyone may join, all live on Instagram. Jon Phillips will lead this session from his house in St. Louis, pinned down by the #coronavirus and you may join. Join us live on our Instagram account for 1 hour from:


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