Bassel Khartabil

The Bassel Khartabil Fellowship supports outstanding people developing free culture in their communities.

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This unique and life-changing fellowship promotes the values important to Bassel’s work and life: open culture, radical sharing, free knowledge, remix, collaboration, courage, optimism, and humanity.

The fellow is expected to lead projects or initiatives that will catalyze free culture, particularly in societies vulnerable to attacks on freedom of expression and free access to knowledge. Special consideration will be given to applicants operating within closed societies, under adverse circumstances, and in developing economies where other forms of support are scarce.

What are the Fellowship Benefits?

The fellowship is based on a one-year term, which is eligible for renewal.

  • A stipend of $50,000 USD, paid in 10 monthly installments.
  • A one-time health insurance supplement for Fellows and their families, ranging from $2,000 for single Fellows to $4,000 for a couple with two or more children.
  • An allowance of up to $1,500 towards the purchase of laptop computer, digital cameras, recorders and computer software; fees for continuing studies or other courses, research fees or payments, to the extent such purchases and fees are related to the fellowship.
  • Coverage in full for all approved fellowship trips, including domestic and international travel.
  • Mentorship, skill development, project promotion, and additional fundraising support from the partner network, including travel to various partner offices or conferences.

The Fellowship is intended to allow participants to independently locate wherever they can deliver the most impact for their initiative.

Who Should Apply?

The Fellowship is open to individuals and small teams worldwide, who:

  • Propose a viable new initiative to advance free culture values,
  • Demonstrate a history of activism in the Open Source, Open Access, Free Culture or Sharing communities, and
  • Are prepared to focus on the fellowship as their primary work.

Successful projects will aim to:

  • Meaningfully increase free public access to human knowledge, art, or culture,
  • Further the cause of social justice/social change, and
  • Develop both a local and global community to support its cause.

Who are the 2019 Fellowship Partners?

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