Bassel Khartabil

7 Ways to Support Majd Al-shihabi

Majd Al-shihabi is the 1st Bassel Khartabil Fellow. He has produced much work in his one year tenure. Here are 7 ways to support him moving forward.

1. Share Your Feedback on Majd and Mahmoud’s presentation at Creative Commons Summit.

2. Follow Majd on Social Media.

3. Offer to host a “Palestine Open Maps” Mapathon in your city. Bonus points if you do this publicly on social media.

4. Interview Majd about his life and work and publish the interview.

5. Join Bassel Khartabil Fellowship Chat and help shape the future of the Fellowship.

6. Join the Bassel Khartabil Fellowship Mailing List.

7. Developers, contribute to Majd’s code projects.


11 May 2019

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